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This NAACP Branch Directory is not affiliated with the National NAACP or any State or Local branch of the NAACP. It is our purpose to provide a web presence for branches that may feel the cost of a website may cost prohibitive or that a Facebook page address is not readily accessible to the public. Similar to Yellow Pages our Directory however, is more time flexible, it can be updated more frequently.

Branches can therefore have:

  1. An individual web address (example:
  2. Up to date graphics in a flexible format.
  3. Expandable content format (example: additional directory pages, website)
  4. Frequent inexpensive information updates

We believe we have also added page items and links that enhance the visitor’s website visit to the Directory.

  1. MLK, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” video
  2. Twitter feed from the NAACP National Headquarters
  3. State/National Lottery Information
  4. Brief History of the NAACP
  5. NAACP 10 question quiz.
  6. Input availability for site visitors via comment areas
  7. Quick news headlines from one of the states largest newspapers.

Branches can update the local information page on the front page, have a separate page created or have a website built. Our company, WebTek, is a wholly owned unit of Invertir Sovereign, Inc., an investment and marketing firm.

To maintain and expand this directory, donations through a secure PayPal link would be greatly appreciated.


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